Side Door partners with SXSW to book tours for showcasing artists en route to Austin, TX


As thousands of artists prepare to head to SXSW 2020 this March, Side Door - a platform that matches artists with spaces to create shows anytime, anywhere - is stepping in to help artists book shows en route to Austin, TX.

In partnership with SXSW, Side Door is booking curated tours for select SXSW artists. The campaign routes bands from their hometowns to the festival with shows in alternative venue spaces like living rooms, backyards, warehouses, book stores, retail shops, and churches along the way. The tour will culminate with an official Side Door to SXSW Showcase in Austin.

Along the way, the artists are paired with emerging arts-scene content creators allowing audiences to get an inside look at life on the road through photos and videos that will be broadcast via social media.

The list of the Side Door to SXSW participants will be announced in early 2020.

"It’s a challenge for artists to afford the expenses of getting to SXSW, let alone galvanize excitement for their showcases," says Dan Mangan, Side Door co-founder and 5-time SXSW performing artist.

"We want to help by getting them to Austin with money in their pockets having played meaningful shows along the way," adds Laura Simpson, the platform's other co-founder and CEO.

Working closely with artists and hosts to create memorable moments in unique spaces is at the heart of Side Door’s mission. By giving access to the entire world to present shows in everyday spaces, the platform emphasizes intimate connections between artists and audiences, prioritizes a friendly and transparent experience for all users, and seeks to provide a new means of touring for artists worldwide.

Since its launch, more than 2000 artists and 765 venues have signed up to be part of the platform, resulting in nearly 700 Side Door shows throughout North America.

Learn more about Side Door to SXSW, host a show, or get involved by clicking HERE.

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