Introducing Our New Feature: The Schedule Builder

Want to tell hosts your schedule and boost your profile to the top of the search page?

They say a perfect connection takes chemistry and timing. Side Door’s automatic matching has been chugging away over the past few months putting together Venues and Artists based on preferences and making sure the chemistry is just right, so that’s one part down. But we didn’t have a self-service solution for timing…until now. Introducing: the Schedule Builder!


In addition to Venue searching, Artists are now able to indicate exactly where they will be, and when! By dropping a pin in the Schedule Builder, Artists can broadcast to all potential Venue matches in the region when they’ll be swinging by – making it all the easier to discover your next gig opportunity. We’re taking more of the guesswork out of matchmaking so that you can make a connection, spark a show booking, and present an unforgettable evening even easier through Side Door. 

Whether it’s a multi-stop tour, an extended stay in a community, or a one-off short-term visit, Artists can broadcast exactly when they’re looking for shows in each search area. Plus, building a schedule and listing an availability pushes your profile to the top of the search queue for any matching Venues in that region! Handy, right? 

New availability captions make it easier for Venues to discover their new favourite Artists and plan the perfect evening

We’ve also updated the notifications page, so that all match requests received also display any availabilities. The next time you hear from an Artist or Venue, keep an eye out for the availability captions to know exactly when that match can bloom into a beautiful event! Of course, standard searching (using the magnifying glass icon) is still available as well. 

Even incoming match requests display availability – whether it’s an Artist broadcasting their schedule, or a Venue responding to it!

 Are you an Artist that’s ready to jump right in? Of course you are! Log in to Side Door, click on the My Artists tab (the same way you normally would search for a Venue) and check out the new icon to get started with Schedule Builder. 

Are you a Venue that’s itching to do some scheduling? We’re hard at work creating a Schedule Builder for you as well, but never fear: searching for an Artist and responding to match requests will display all attached pins, so you’re already able to benefit from the new feature, too! 


For more information on the Schedule Builder, including a handy-dandy video tutorial, check out the new article in our Knowledge Base

As always, we love hearing feedback and comments on anything Side Door related. To get in touch with us, fire us an email at!

OK, that’s all! Thank you for reading, but now we want you to get into it. We hope you love the new Schedule Builder – it’s built with you in mind! There’s plenty more to come, and in the meantime: Happy matching!

Get started with the Schedule Builder!

The Side Door Team