Tech Update: New Year, New Look

We’re happy to bring you the start of our 2.0 rollouts, beginning this week. 2019 was about launching our 1.0 and learning from how folks use the platform. We kept in constant contact with artists, hosts and audience members. After listening to their needs, we now have an exciting design and development plan for 2020.

A new year means a new look for Side Door! Co-founder Dan Mangan and our designer, Brian Jeffcock, spent a lot of time revising the look of our site. New colours, updated fonts and a cleaner presentation with a more modern design has begun to roll-out over the platform.

2020 Blog Post-04.png

You’ll notice that our homepage does less telling and more showing. The best way to understand what Side Door does is through the stories we gather from our community. That’s why we’ve started an editorial arm of Side Door (our web-based zine), that’s managed by bonafide journalists! You can see the editorial content, as well as other blog posts (like this one) front and centre of our main page.

As well, you can see feature profiles of artists and hosts who have performed shows via Side Door. The shows that are featured are upcoming public shows (private shows will remain hidden).

Side Door’s main priority for 2020 is to help our existing users get around more easily. The user will now find they can operate in two modes. The ‘manage’ mode helps you stay organized and the ‘discover’ mode helps you search or be matched with the right people.

The Changes

  • Add a message when requesting a match with an artist or host - IT’S FINALLY HERE!


  • Dashboard to show you everything that’s happening with requests, chats and your shows.


  • A great visual refresh of the show booking tool, putting the chat in the middle of things, as well as easy access to ‘discover’ mode.


  • When you’re in ‘discover’ mode, you can see who you’ve requested to match with or messaged as you browse.

  • For those wearing multiple hats, you can easily toggle between your accounts or make a new profile in the top right corner.


  • An outbox to keep track of what requests and messages you’ve sent and whether they’ve been seen.

  • Filtering results of your matches or in ‘browse’ mode - so you can get really specific about what you’re looking for. This is in addition to the universal search that is already available.

  • Visual profile editing - so you can see what your profile will look like to others, as you edit it.

  • A ‘Connections’ tab that will let you chat with ANYONE on the platform. Whether you’re a host looking to meet another host or an artist looking to tour with another artist or just a person looking for another person.

  • Updated cards to include video and audio seamlessly.

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Side Door was created to serve the needs of the artist first, by empowering them and elevating them to create live performances anytime, anywhere. Please send us your feedback!

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