Platform Update: No Zoom Account Required!

October 13, 2020

Side Door is now providing Zoom accounts for every secure, ticketed Zoom show! You read that right, no more Pro accounts and no more Capacity Add-ons. We’ve got you covered. You are no longer responsible for managing Zoom subscriptions when doing a ticketed online show with Side Door. We’ve made this change to make it easier than ever to book a secure show via Zoom and to give you more touch points with our team prior to showtime.

After you book your show, you will be assigned a dedicated team member who you can chat with right in the show thread. An hour prior to showtime, they will launch the show for you, bring you in from the waiting room and make sure your security settings are dialled in before you “open the doors”.

Our goal with this update is to further support users to ensure success with their online shows. The Side Door team will now have management access to the shows to be able to provide deeper support to artists, presenters, hosts, and audience members.

If you already have a show booked on the platform in the coming weeks, there’s no need to act - your show will proceed as planned! This change will only affect shows booked from today forward.

Note: to be clear, we won’t be moderating your shows, but we’ll make sure guests are getting in securely and we can alert you if there’s anything wrong with the feed.

Are there fees?

Zoom Fee Structure@2x.png

For secure, ticketed shows hosted over zoom, you will pay the usual 10% commission on net ticket revenue (as with all shows) plus a small flat fee in accordance with how many tickets you sell. This fee covers Zoom’s Pro account and Capacity fees, as well as for the security of the ticket, and the security of knowing that we’re helping manage the launch of the show. We are currently waiving the flat fees while we roll out this feature out to give you an opportunity to try it out!

How it works

Zoom Launch Show@2x (1).png

You do not need to have your own Zoom account but you will still need the Zoom app (free). Our team will launch the show 60 minutes before showtime, invite you and your team to have “Co-host” admin controls and help you get set up before disabling the Waiting Room, allowing in your audience (who will have access 30 minutes prior to showtime).


The artist always owns the rights to any recordings. Anyone who is assigned as a co-host on a show will have the ability to record. Side Door will not record or store any of the shows, unless explicitly requested in order to remit back to the artist. We will not distribute the recordings to anyone. Recording rights are the responsibility of the artist/promoter to secure.

Additional Updates

Managing Duplicate Profiles

Already Have a Profile@2x.png

No more duplicate profiles! If you or someone on your team has already created a profile, you’ll be flagged if you’re trying to create a new one.

Additional Labels to Billing & Payment Accounts

Billing and Payment Info-1@2x.png

If you have multiple billing/payment accounts you’ll notice that we’ve added numbering to these to help you keep track of accounts.


Changes to the Dashboard


We’ve made some small changes to our show booking dashboard. You can now at a glance see your upcoming shows, shows being planned, and complete shows. You also have easy access to our various online show resources, to help you create the best possible online show!

Audio/Visual Test With Our Team!

Testing AV@2x.png

Our support team is now offering support for an A/V test! We highly recommend doing an A/V test at least a week prior to the show, to allow time for troubleshooting. You can book a time with our support team for this test OR if you have someone supporting you, you can do it yourself. Please note that this is not a full soundcheck or tech support; our team will offer their eyes and ears to make sure your audience will be able to hear and see you!

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