Platform Update: Let's Chat!

November 3, 2020

New Chat Feature on Show Page

Artists, ticket holders, and presenters, you can now chat about your upcoming show right on the show page! 

Ticket holders: Once you have purchased a ticket and logged into your account, you’ll gain access to the chat window to where you can discuss the upcoming show with fellow ticket holders or ask a question to the artist or host before, during, and after the show. 

Artists, this is a perfect space to build excitement, connect with your community, share stories, or offer important show information.

How it works

Nov 2020 Show Chat - Guitar@2x.jpg

Right on the show page, Artists can assign members of their teams (or even a super-fan from the audience) to be a moderator. Moderators can help answer questions and monitor the conversation. Moderators and profile owners have a suite of admin tools in the top right corner.

Nov 2020 Show Chat - Guitar Tools@2x.jpg

All show organizers will have the power to lock or disable the chat, block users and assign more chat moderators. But moderators will not be able to assign other moderators. Your team will be responsible for monitoring the thread to keep chats safe, inclusive, and respectful for everyone.

Nov 2020 Show Chat - Guitar Moderators@2x.jpg

Lock chat - makes the chat read-only for ticket holders, and users can no longer make posts.

Disable chat - turns off the chat window entirely. 

Reported/Blocked users - if a user has been reported, or blocked a notification will appear for all moderators. Opening “reported users” will bring up the window below where you can triage those users and the comments that got them reported.

Nov 2020 Show Chat - Guitar Reported@2x.jpg

All attachments are disabled in the show chat, but users can post URLs and use emojis! After the show completion, the show chat remains open on the show page unless disabled by an admin. 

This feature is available for both online and in-person shows.

Additional Updates

Presenter and Venue Self-booking

Previously, Venues and Presenters (new!) could only book shows if they connected with an Artist profile and built the show collaboratively. Presenter and Venue profiles can now self-book shows. This means that it’s even easier and faster for show presenters of all forms to put shows on sale - both online and in-person. Of course, our support team is always on stand by to help if needed. 

Open Support 

We have moved our support widget; if you need to contact support, click on the “Open Support” in the upper right corner of the page.

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