KAINA (Chicago), Mir Fontane (Camden), Partner (Canada), GRLwood (Louisville), Sen Morimoto (Chicago), Madison McFerrin (Brooklyn), Hayfitz (Brooklyn), WHOOP-Szo (London)


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New York, NY (February 19, 2020) – Side Door today announces the Side Door to SXSW tour – 8 showcasing artists touring down to Austin, TX for this year’s SXSW conference (all dates below). PartnerGRLwoodMir FontaneMadison McFerrinWHOOP-SzoKAINASen Morimoto and Hayfitz will head out on the road starting March 9, on curated tours booked using the Side Door platform.

Side Door emphasizes intimate connections between artists and audiences, by helping anyone present shows in everyday spaces.  Performances on the Side Door to SXSW tour will take place in spiritual centers, homes, community centers, cafés, studios, DIY venues and event venues. Each tour will be documented along the road (follow below), culminating with an official Side Door to SXSW showcaseMarch 20 @ Volcom Gardens, featuring 6 of the 8 artists.

"We want to help artists by getting them to Austin with money in their pockets, having played meaningful shows along the way," says Laura Simpson, co-founder and CEO of Side Door.  “It’s a challenge for artists to afford the expense of getting to SXSW, let alone galvanize excitement for their showcases,” adds Dan Mangan, the company’s co-founder and 5-time SXSW performing artist.

Side Door believes that any space can be a venue, creating connections between performing artists and hosts.  The Side Door platform prioritizes a friendly and transparent experience for all users, seeking to provide a new means for artists to tour, and helping to create a sustainable environment in an increasingly difficult touring marketplace for emerging and career musicians.

Through the platform, artists and venues are matched, events are booked, tickets and payouts are automated.  With less overhead and complete transparency, artists earn more revenue, while fans gain an intimate and unique live experience.

Artists will be accompanied on the road by a multi-talented crew of photographers and videographers to capture the respective journeys.

Follow the Side Door Content Producers:
AJ Clemens @aj.clemens - Partner + GRLwood
Angel Rodriguez @arod2up – Mir Fontane
Brandon Jones @renavision – Madison McFerrin
Tedde Rae Albertson @tedderae – WHOOP-Szo
Glenda Lissette @glendalissette & Chris Fanelli @christopherfanelli – KAINA + Sen Morimoto
Larissa Jacks @snapsbyjaks - Hayfitz 

Tour Dates:

03/09 – KAINA + Sen Morimoto – Springfield, MO @ Phil’s Place [tickets]
03/10 – KAINA + Sen Morimoto – Maumelle, AR @ Arkansas River House [tickets]
03/13 – KAINA + Sen Morimoto – San Marcos, TX @ Wake the Dead Coffee House [tickets]

03/11 – Partner + GRLwood – Royal Oak, MI @ Peace Spiritual Center [tickets]
03/12 – Partner + GRLwood – Cleveland, OH @ CODA [tickets]
03/13 – Partner + GRLwood – Louisville, KY @ Tim Faulkner Gallery [tickets]
03/14 – Partner + GRLwood – Memphis, TN @ Pagan Mom House [tickets]

03/12 – WHOOP-Szo – Cincinnati, OH @ The Mockbee [tickets]
03/13 – WHOOP-Szo – St. Louis, MO @ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center [tickets]
03/16 – WHOOP-Szo – Ft. Worth, TX @ Lola’s Saloon [tickets]

03/13 – Madison McFerrin – Durham, NC @ NorthStar Church of the Arts [tickets]
03/14 – Madison McFerrin – Nashville, TN @ Negative Space [tickets]
03/17 – Madison McFerrin – Houston, TX @ S.H.A.P.E. Community Center [tickets]

03/10 – Hayfitz – Brooklyn, NY @ The Tea House [tickets]
03/11 – Hayfitz – Harrisburg, PA @ Little Amps Coffee Roasters [tickets]
03/12 – Hayfitz – Washington, DC @ Dwayne’s Place [tickets]
03/13 – Hayfitz – Richmond, VA @ Orbital Music Park [tickets]
03/14 – Hayfitz – Columbus, MS @ Sunstroke House [tickets]
03/15 – Hayfitz – Lafayette, LA @ The Wurst Biergarten & Public Market [tickets]
03/17 – Hayfitz – Denton, TX @ Killer’s Tacos [tickets]

Side Door official SXSW showcase, March 20 @ Volcom Garden (8:00PM-2:00AM)
08:00pm - Hayfitz
09:00pm - GRLwood
10:00pm – Madison McFerrin
11:00pm - KAINA
12:00am – WHOOP-Szo
1:00am –Partner

About Side Door:

Since its launch, more than 2200 artists and nearly 900 venues have signed up to be part of the platform, resulting in nearly 700 Side Door bookings throughout North America.  Venues can range from a record or book shop, café or barn, living room or backyard, bar or restaurant - ultimately rewarding fans of music, looking for a different live experience.  With partnerships like Side Door to SXSW, Side Door is helping reimagine the touring world for the better.  More information here.


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[ Feb 25, 2020 edit: Mir Fontane tour cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. You can book Mir Fontane for future shows HERE.]