Side Door Updated Statement: COVID-19

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 response and have recommended our users cancel or postpone shows that are booked up until the end of April 2020. 

We will also temporarily adjust our refund policy to allow ticket holders to request and receive a refund. As Side Door shows are organized by our users, we have notified our users of this change due to public safety. 

Finally, we will be asking artists (and hosts where appropriate) to update their profile descriptions with any links to purchase merchandise or donate. We fully acknowledge that this is a time of great loss and we want to encourage donations to those feeling the loss in any way we can.

We encourage following safety directives from your local authorities and we look forward to the days in the future when we can begin rebooking beautiful, unique shows together.

We hope you’re all safe and we wish you well during this hard time. 

Virtual Engagements - March 18 2020

While we are all mostly in self-isolation, Side Door would like to encourage virtual connections between host, artist and audience. We know artists are in great need of replacing cancelled shows with other sources of income and so we are encouraging making donations, buying merch or even just sharing their work. Side Door is exploring ways our platform can support virtual engagements that are highly interactive and unique. As there are many great streaming platforms for shows, we’re focusing more on workshops, tutorials, Q&As, etc. that can be ticketed. 

If you would like to try making a virtual event, we will waive our 10% split until the end of March and assist you in helping to make it the best it can be. Ticket revenue will go directly to the artist. Our booking manager has great experience in hosting live streaming events, so you’ll have an expert to talk to! If you are a host, think about what you’d like to do online with your friends and family and then reach out to an artist on the platform. If you are an artist, connect with hosts with ideas that you’d like to offer for unique engagements. We’re looking mostly for low-tech, highly interactive, limited audience online engagements.

If you’re already a user, just contact the help bubble or and we’ll help you out! If you’re not yet in our community, you can sign up for free at

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