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Coming gently into a month of self-isolation, a lot of things have changed quickly, from grocery store protocol to home delivery techniques. Art, too, is being consumed differently, with predominantly free livestreams of home concerts, readings, dance parties, and other performances the new normal of daily life.

In these quickly developing, ever-changing times, it made sense in the early days that artists would hop online and connect with people who were confused, scared, and sad. By any means necessary, no matter how tenuous the signal strength. Now that the dust has settled on this routine—now that the gravity of waiting has sunk in—and artists are seeing the loss of possibly two full seasons of touring income, there’s a need for financial support from different avenues. 

Luckily a new revenue stream exists in something we’ve all become quickly familiar with: the livestream. Four weeks ago, Side Door’s Dan Mangan kicked off a series of online shows on the platform, pulling in over 600 viewers on Zoom for $6 a pop.

Feedback from attendees was rapturous:

The show was great! I can't wait to tune in next week and think this is a great way to spread some cheer and help out worthy charities. Huge thank you to Side Door and Dan Mangan!

Fantastic community experience when they’re few and far to come by in these unnerving times.

So glad that Dan did the show today, especially with everything we are all going through, can’t wait until next Saturday. Dan is a national treasure.

What an amazing experience. Thank you Dan and Side Door for putting on such a great, interactive and heart warming show, and giving us all an opportunity to connect in this strange time. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me a reason to not wear sweatpants today!

In addition to being an innovative, interactive way to keep performance thriving, this model—which actively removes tech concerns, taps into a network of show-makers and show-goers, and allows the performer to focus on the actual show— averages $1,366 gross revenue per gig for the artist. The list of participating artists, including Danny Michel and Sarah Slean, is growing daily.

Here’s more fan feedback from recent performances:

Christina Martin teaches Laura Simpson how to do makeup, March 23

A fantastic way to help support artists and people putting this together. Great way to communicate and have a party with friends.Stay safe every one. We will get through this pandemic.

It was terrific! Having hosted FB and Instagram live events, it was so nice to see everyone's faces via Zoom. Great idea for a fun alternative to streaming concerts!

Locals Lounge #Quarantunes feat. Ian Cromwell, March 26

What a fucking awesome initiative! Loved attending this and it brought us a ton of joy!

Worked hard to make sure the virtual room was full. Excellent job of facilitation and production.

Dan Mangan #Quarantunes #WeeklySideDoor Vol.3, April 4 

You guys have done an amazing job adapting to this situation that affects us all. That stream was one of the first times I felt part of an audience, as everyone was visible, in their own spaces, enjoying the performance in their own way. It was amazing. Looking forward to more.

It is brilliant that Dan is doing this for us during this crisis. And as I am in the UK and he in BC the power of the internet to allow this to happen is awesome. Seeing all the other Zoomers watching Dan makes it a community which is really important in these isolation days.

It’s wonderful that artists like Dan Mangan can still find a way to connect with and raise the spirits of his fans with this type of venue during these uncertain times. Great idea!

Danny Michel LIVE FROM LOCKDOWN #Quarantunes, April 5

I was impressed with the sound quality and smoothness of the broadcast. Phenomenal way to connect with my favourite magician and the adoring community!

The show was an awesome idea. I am going to dig out my Dumbeck Hand Drum for next Sunday. I am seventy-four years old and Danny’s music and friendly atmosphere is how we connected in the 1960s. Thanks, keep strummin'!

The streaming quality was amazing: no buffering at all. Sharing the concert with nearly 500 fans was almost like being together in one place—a real sense of community. We look forward to more! Thank you Side Door!

Thanks to everyone involved with putting it together. It was a cool experience. Got to watch with my whole family.

Seeing the artist and the audience made it such a fun experience. Until we can gather in groups again, this is FANTASTIC!

Super fun. Getting to play along was amazing. Loved the few times Danny mentioned the chords. Wicked. Love a little bit of audience participation, talking to people. It made us feel together from coast to coast!

If you’re an artist, signing up for Side Door is easy. Get on the platform, get streaming, and get paid.