Stream Team: Week of January 7



We’ve created a Stream Team weekly playlist on Spotify!


Saturday, January 9

Martin Hudon: On This Winter Night

January 9 @ 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST
The London, Ontario-based singer-songwriter is offering warm wintry tunes and banter. All proceeds will support the London Food Bank.


Sean Farley + Hello Dollface

January 9 @ 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST
The soul singers perform a show together in support of their friend Delaney Davis’ battle with lyme disease.


Sunday, January 10

Tippi and Stan Part 1

January 10 @ 7 pm PST / 10 pm EST
Tippi and Stan is a four-part miniseries kicking off tonight and running weekly through the end of January. When Tippi and Stan meet, their lives change: Tippi’s sheltered world is opened, and Stan finds an unlikely ally in Tippi. Partial proceeds from the readings will go to VocalEye, the first descriptive arts service in Canada.


Tuesday, January 12

Lauren Grande, The Moonlight Tour/US

January 12 @ 6:30 pm PST / 9:30 pm EST
Presented by Ecstatic Waves, 240 Northern, and Breathing Bass, Moon Music is an ambient and durational experience of music, sound, and performance. A space for free exploration.


Wednesday, January 13

SEAN CULLEN Cocktail Hour

January 12 @ 6:30 pm PST / 9:30 pm EST
Join comedian Sean Cullen for an “evening of sophisticated silliness and music ” with comedy friends LAURIE ELLIOTT and RICHARD CROUSE and musical guest GORD LIGHT.