Platform Update: Trackable Custom Affiliate Links

February 2, 2021

Want to track your sales by source? Work with multiple promoters on a show and pay them out based on their individual results? Or see what social platform is driving and converting the most show traffic? Now you can without having to leave Side Door with our latest platform update.

Introducing: Trackable Custom Show Affiliate Links!

Affiliate links allow you to use custom, trackable links to promote your show. You can provide different affiliate links to various social media channels or promoters, and Side Door will provide insights on how each link is driving sales and revenue.

To create a new link, click on the "+ New Affiliate Link," and name your link based on the source (ie. “Facebook”, or “Bowery Presents”, or “Newsletter”)


Once saved, copy the link and use it as your call to action on its correlating platform.


The insights on link performance update in real-time, and for a more in-depth dive, click on "details”.


Individual Show Currencies

When booking your next show, Show Creators not only can allow ticket holders to name their ticket price, you can also choose from a variety of currencies to ticket the show in. Previously, shows could only be booked in the currency of your associated bank account. Now each show can have its own currency. 

For instance, you can now have one show on sale in EUR and another in USD.


The settlement breakdown will also reflect the chosen currency and the exchange rate after the show has been paid out.

New Payout Schedules

All payouts will occur in one single payment 24 hours after the show ends. 

Please note: If your show includes a replay for ticket holders post-show, our system won't release the payout until 24 hours after the replay period ends.

Automated Show Announcement Emails

Audience members who "follow" your profile on Side Door will now get an email from you via Side Door every time you book a new show! Allowing your most loyal supporters first dibs on tickets. So don't forget to encourage ticket holders to click on that "follow" button under your profile.

Follow Post Image - Follow 1@2x.png

Early Access Comps

We're making it easier for you and your team to get ready for show time. When adding a comp in the “Guestlist Manager”, Show Creators can now toggle the ticket for show access to one hour or 30 minutes without having to make them an admin on your profile. So go over the run of the show with your moderator, or make sure your set-up and sound are rocking with plenty of time before audience members arrive.


For any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at

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