Platform Update: We’re adjusting our processing fees. Here’s why.

February 23, 2021

One of our core beliefs is that artists and audiences alike deserve transparent ticketing. Our latest platform update includes a small increase to processing fees.

We initially built our ticketing system for in-person shows in alternative spaces, most of which were in Canada and the USA. The pandemic swiftly introduced Online shows to Side Door. We quickly adapted our product and customer service team to serve and support much larger audiences worldwide with varying technological systems and expertise. 

Our one-size-fits-all processing fee proved insufficient to cover the actual processing charges incurred worldwide (passed along from our credit card processing provider, Stripe). 

We're increasing our per-ticket processing fees by approximately $1.50, varying slightly by customer location, to ensure covering these extra costs without applying undue stress to either artists or audiences. The world of ticketing has historically not been a very consumer-friendly marketplace, and we're proud to still be well below the industry norms for consumer-side ticketing fees.

The total processing fee will calculate at checkout.

Ticket Fees.png

Online Show Support Fees

Since October, we have waived our Zoom and show support fees. Starting on March 16, 2021, those fees will apply to both free and paid Interactive and Broadcast shows. Free shows will pre-pay the cost as a refundable deposit. We’re also renaming them “Online Show Support Fees”, as they will only apply to online shows, which carry a great deal of complexity for tech, bandwidth, and support.

Here's a breakdown of the fee structure, determined by tickets purchased/claimed at the show payout: 

0 - 99 tickets: $25 

100 - 299 tickets: $50

300 - 499 tickets: $100

500 - 999 tickets: $200

Every additional bucket of 500: $100

This adjustment also allows us to staff dedicated support humans on every show (both audience and artist-side) and make sure that your ticket holders find their way into your show, regardless of their level of tech-savvy. We want them to feel settled and happy before you perform so that everyone can get the most possible from the performance. Of course, we’ll continue to offer A/V checks leading up to your show and ongoing technical support.

What if I already have a show booked?

If you currently have a show booked with us for after March 16, you will not be charged a support fee. If your show is pending sign-off but is not booked, it will not incorporate a support fee.

Additional Updates

Simplified Settlement Breakdown

If you've allowed showgoers to "Name your Price," there's now a more detailed easy to read breakdown available in the "Overview" tab, which includes:

  • the average price per ticket sold

  • the minimum price per ticket

  • and the highest price per ticket

This breakdown can give you an idea of where the sweet spot is for your audience's ticket price.

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.51.21 PM.png

More Ways to Follow Artist Profiles on Side Door!

We've made it easier for your most loyal supporters to find your Side Door profile and follow you; the "Follow Profile" button is accessible on the profile and the show page.

Follow artists & venues.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.54.17 PM.png

When Audience members “follow” your profile they will receive an email from you via Side Door every time you book a new show giving them first dibs on tickets!

In-app Email Notification Settings

If there are multiple stakeholders involved in a show (i.e., Artist, Presenter, Host, Side Door admin team), it can be challenging to get everyone on the same page simultaneously and in the same place. 

We've added enhanced email notifications for your show threads that will alert you whenever there is new (unseen) chat/booking activity within a Show Thread that one of your profiles is attached to, mitigating the risk of missing relevant show details. Emails will arrive in your inbox with the contents of the recent chat displayed so that you can keep up to date at a glance.

Don't worry; we won't spam your inbox. These emails are timed to only give you pertinent information at a reasonable pace and you can always manage how you receive emails in your Account Settings > Manage Notifications.

notification settings@3x.png

More exciting features are in the works. As always, thanks for continuing to create art alongside us. For any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at

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