Platform Update: Name-Your-Price Ticketing

January 5, 2021

Want to offer ticket holders a way to pay what they can for an upcoming show? Well, now you can with our latest platform update: Pay-What-You-Can (PWYC) Ticketing.

Before we dive into it, we want to give a big shout-out to our development team for all the enthusiastic work put into this highly anticipated feature.

Introducing: Name-Your-Price Ticketing

During the show booking process, when finalizing your ticket price, you now have the option to choose either "Allow people to name their price" or set a single hard ticket price.

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 8.43.23 AM.png

The "Suggested Ticket Price" will be set as the default on the ticketing page. Audience members can then enter what price is right for them, at any range above the minimum ($1 is the minimum amount allowed). This allows audiences to pay more for your event.

pwyc checkout.png

Payout Updates

We have restructured our payout provider from Stripe to Hyperwallet. Show creators (Artists, Hosts, Venues, and Presenters) running ticketed shows on Side Door will be required to create a new payout banking profile with Hyperwallet, even if they've previously been paid out via Stripe in the past. We will continue to use Stripe to process ticket transactions, but payouts to show creators will be done via Hyperwallet for all shows created after this date. Shows that were already previously on sale will not be affected by this shift and will continue to be paid out via your Stripe billing account.

The good news is this adjustment allows us to provide new features like directing payouts into users’ PayPal accounts, and Pay-What-You-Can ticketing (and roll-out more rad features like multi-ticket bundling). It also means we can begin to make the payout structures more versatile and user-driven.

Before publishing your next show, you will be prompted to update your billing information.  Just click on the “Update my billing info now” green button when asked, or select “Set up Direct Deposit” at any time during the booking process. This update does not affect shows currently on sale, but any new bookings moving forward.


What if I already have tickets on sale? 

Show creators who currently have public or private events on sale will be paid out via Stripe. This change only affects new bookings moving forward. 

If you have any questions please contact

Coming soon….

The fun doesn’t stop there, here’s more on what’s in the works for 2021! 

  • Broadcast Lane - an option to stream secure shows in high definition to unlimited audience size. You can even restream a Zoom show to an overflow audience!

  • Ticket Bundling

  • Geogating

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