Platform Update: At long last, Tiered Ticketing is here!

Are you aiming to give discounts or first access to your newsletter list or patrons? Selling a limited number of VIP passes at a premium price? Have different ticket types for indoor and outdoor seating? Or have an online show with a virtual meet & greet? Our latest platform update allows you to build multi-tiered tickets within a single show builder for total ticketing domination on Side Door!  

This long-anticipated feature is a significant leap forward in the quest to make sophisticated ticketing supremely easy to use for both online and in-person shows. And we can't wait for you to multi-ticket to your heart's desire.

How it works

Within the "Ticketing" tab in the show builder, you’ll find a section called "Ticket Types." From here, you can create multiple types of tickets, with specific titles and descriptions. Each type can have its own unique messaging to ticket holders, pricing, and capacity levels.

Click on "Add a Ticket" and fill out the relevant details - like "General Admission" or "VIP" and give a short description.

ticket meet & greet.png

After completing all the ticketing details, the "Revenue Estimate Calculator" provides a potential sales breakdown by ticket type. Once your show is on sale, the "Payout Breakdown" on your “Overview” tab will also display the number of tickets sold for each ticket type.

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 2.47.01 PM.png

It's essential to communicate with guests what they can expect on show day for each ticket line. You can do that in the "Promo" tab under the "For Ticket Holders" section. This is a great place to send a welcome note or particular instructions for ticket holders, for example, letting those with VIP Meet & Greet tickets know where to go pre-show.

It's also handy for linking to mailing lists, merch, or other promotional material. Additionally, this information will be displayed on the show page for ticket holders after purchase. You can check them out on the "Review" page before publishing your show.

Once published, when an audience member buys a ticket, they'll see the number of ticket types available on the show page.


And once an audience member clicks on the "Tickets” button all the available ticket options will be listed. Boom!

If you're hosting an in-person show or just need to print out or download the guest list, it will be broken down by ticket type to help you fully understand what kind of ticket offering better resonates with your audience. 

If you’re running a hybrid show, for the time being, you will still need to build two separate shows for the online and in-person components. Soon you’ll be able to combine both ticket types right into a single show’s build. We’re working on it, so stay tuned!

Settlement breakdowns

We've made huge improvements to our show settlements! They now come in a spiffy PDF with elaborate breakdowns of:

  • sales ticket type

  • the geographic location of purchases

  • and your custom affiliate links.

You can export the PDF from your “Overview” tab once it’s ready. Here’s an example:

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