Platform Update: Email Ticketholders right on the platform!

We continue to add more robust tools to our ticketing platform that allow for a seamless show experience for everyone. Sometimes show details change, like location or the showtime, or maybe you want to send out a special announcement like an exclusive Q&A happening after the livestream. 

Our latest platform update allows show creators to email all ticketholders right on the platform.

Reminder: This tool communicates important show updates; please use it wisely and avoid spamming inboxes. We know you know, but we still need to mention it. If you want to check in with guests and build up excitement for the show, use the show chat!

How it works

In the Guestlist Manager, click on "Email Ticketholders." Yup, we made it that easy.

Email Ticketholders on Side Door

Next, include a subject, craft your message to ticketholders, format with the usual suspects (bold, italic, etc), proofread, and send a test email. The test email will go directly to the email address on your profile. Double-check everything looks good and click “Send Email.”

Send Emails to Ticketholders on Side Door

Your email blast will be sent to everyone with a claimed ticket or comp. Recipients can't reply to your blast, so be sure to provide a contact email if necessary. You can message ticketholders until the end of your show.

Artist location

We want to ensure nearby Artists have priority listing when a Host searches for Artists; that’s why we’ve made the “Based In” field mandatory. Don’t miss anymore next door neighbour gigs and add your location to your Artist profile.

Media for Venues and Presenters

Previously, only Artists were able to add media such as audio and video links to their profile. Why should they have all the fun? As a Space or Presenter, you can now display how amazing a show in your space is by adding media.

How it works

Under the “Profile” tab in Manage, scroll until you see the Media section and click “Add Media.” 

Side Door Hosts can add media

A few things to note, if you self-book a show, your media will automatically be set as the show's promotional media. If you plan a show with an Artist, the Artists media is prioritized and set as the show’s promotional media. For example, if both your profile and the Artists you’re planning a show with have a Spotify link, the shows Spotify link will be the Artists. Don’t worry, the Venue or Presenter links will populate for any fields the Artist left blank.

Added customization for tiered ticketing

Did you see our last update on tiered ticketing? We’re still pretty stoked about it, and that’s why we wanted to make it even better. As a show creator, you can now seamlessly arrange the order in which tickets appear for the ticket buyer. Want the VIP tickets to be the first thing the audience sees? Place it at the top. Hosting a virtual meet & greet after the show? Place it at the bottom, no the middle, no the top, you choose! Enjoy the ability to arrange and rearrange the order of your tickets with an easy drag and drop.

How it works

Within the "Ticketing" tab in the show builder, you’ll see “Ticket Types” with the ability to “Add a Ticket.” Once you create at least two ticket types, click to the left of the ticket name and drag the ticket above or below.


The tickets will appear exactly how you order them. For example, the ticket at the top of the list in the show builder will be the first ticket type your audience sees on the ticket page.

Improved receipts

With the introduction of tiered ticketing, we’ve updated our receipts to include all the important details of each transaction. When an audience member purchases a ticket to a show, they’ll now receive a full breakdown of the type of tickets purchased, the quantity, price, tax, processing fees, and a grand total charge. They’ll still receive a separate ticket confirmation email outlining how to claim their ticket.