Platform Update: Plan a festival with Show Series

Remember that scene from Wayne’s World when they get all access passes to Alice Cooper? Our latest platform update allows audience members to experience that same thrill and more! Show creators can now assemble a series of shows and sell passes with access to every show. You can even create multiple types or tiers of passes! Party on!

Show Series opens the door(s) for all access ticketing and builds on our quest to make ticketing supremely powerful for both online and in-person shows. The possibilities are endless:

  • Festivals

  • Seasonal programming

  • Accommodate your Subscribers or VIP fans

  • Offer a limited series

  • Season tickets holders

How it works

Under the “Manage” tab, navigate to “Show Series” in the pink ribbon. From here, click the green button to “Start Planning a Show Series.” Under the “Basic” tab, you can name the series, set visibility, and enter contact information.


Within the “Passes” tab, click “Add Pass” to continue setting up the Show Series. Any shows you’re currently planning or have published will be listed on the right hand side under “Tickets included in Pass.” If you don’t have any upcoming shows, don’t sweat it, you can start building them by clicking “Plan a Show.”


After you’ve created all the shows you want to include in the pass, you can select which ticket types to include in the Show Series. Next, choose the title, description, pricing, and quantity of passes.


You have the option to create one or multiple types of passes. For example, you could create a pass with access to all online shows and one with access to all in-person shows. Each type can have its own unique messaging and will be segmented within the Series Guestlist Manager, as well as within each show's individual Guestlist Manager. After completing all the pass types, you can set the currency, geo-gating, and whether or not you’d like the pass to include PRO fees. 

We wanted to keep things simple, that’s why we kept the “Promo” tab the exact same as a standard show builder. Populate this tab with a short description of the series, audio and video links, private messages to each type of pass holder, and affiliate links.  

Under the “Sign-Off” tab, you can click each pass type to review the included shows. Once you publish your Series, you will not be able to adjust ticketing or add/remove shows within the Series without the help of Side Door Support. You will still be able to edit all info within the Promo and Details tabs. Only published shows will appear publicly within your Series, so any shows still in "draft" status will need to be published separately.

When passes are on sale and an audience member clicks "Buy Series Pass,” all the available pass options will be listed along with the included shows. The audience member will then be able to purchase their desired pass and have the shows added to their account. From there, they can keep the pass for themselves, transfer the entire pass, or transfer tickets to individual shows contained within the pass.


If a show sells out before the series pass does, that show will not be included in the pass. This is clearly communicated to audience members in a “Not Included” section with red font. 


A Show Series dates are determined by the first and last show dates in the grouping. This means the payout for a series will happen once the final show in the series is completed. Just like a solo show, a series has a dedicated settlement sheet outlining pass sales, net earnings, and all the other critical information.

Improved Guestlist Manager Export

We’ve made some beneficial improvements to the CSV export of the Guestlist Manager. Columns now include: 

  • Whether or not the audience member opted-in to sharing their email address with the show creator

  • Date and time they claimed their ticket

  • Quantity of tickets purchased

  • Whether or not they joined or checked in for the show

Processing Fees

One of our core beliefs is that artists and audiences alike deserve transparent ticketing. Our latest platform update includes a slight increase in processing fees.

To continue building more robust tools for our ticketing platform, we’ve increased our per-ticket processing fees by approximately $0.50. Varying slightly by customer location, to ensure our product and customer service team can continue to serve and support growing audiences worldwide. 

We believe artists and audiences deserve transparent ticketing and are very proud to still be well below the industry norms for consumer-side ticketing fees. The total processing fee will be calculated at checkout.