Platform Update: New Navigation Menu

Things just got easier! Our new navigation menu simplifies the Side Door experience by allowing you to select between Ticketing, Connect, and Audience. Get to where you want to go quicker by choosing if you want to build and manage a show or series (Ticketing), find artists and spaces (Connect) or buy tickets to upcoming shows (Audience). All of your favourite features are still here, just organized a little differently!

Simplifying Website Navigation

Once logged in, click the Side Door logo in the top left corner to display the new menu. You’ll then have the option to select which experience you'd like to access. Once you choose an experience, all the features relating to that option will be displayed. 

Keep in mind that if you do not have an Artist, Presenter, or Space profile, this menu will look slightly different for you. If your goal for using Side Door is to watch or attend shows, you will only need an Audience account and its related features. Enjoy an intuitive experience and the option to select between "Home," "Upcoming Shows," and "Your Tickets."

Side Door New Menu

For example, if you're looking for the broadcast of a show you purchased tickets for, Your Tickets is where you can access the stream. 

Welcome to the new layout!

Self-book In-person Shows For Artists & Presenters

This highly requested feature is one we’re so excited to launch. Artists and Presenters can now self-book an in-person show and series. Previously on the platform, Artists had to work in connection with a host profile to plan an in-person show, and presenters were limited to online-only shows. Now, all creators can enjoy the flexibility of building shows on their own terms.


More Flexibility with Show Locations

Goodbye, to the days of a show's location determined by a space's address. All profile types can now choose a unique location for each show. The preferred address will appear in all the usual places, including notification and reminder emails for audiences. The only requirement is it has to be a civic address and not a general location. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to throw a show for ALL of Winnipeg, MB, but for now, let’s keep it specific.

How it Works

Under the “Basics” tab, navigate to “Show location.” Start typing the show's location and select the full address from the drop-down menu. Once the show is published, you’ll need to reach out to us at if you need to edit or change this field.