Platform Update: Side Door Broadcast is here!

Are you thinking about adding a live stream to your next in-person gig or want to package a pre-produced concert for your fans? Introducing Side Door Broadcast - a high-fidelity ticketed experience all embedded securely within the platform.

How it Works

In the show builder, you can choose "Interactive" or "Broadcast." If you choose “Broadcast,” you can decide whether you want to stream your performance live, or upload a pre-recording.

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 3.08.13 PM.png

For your Broadcast, we'll get you set up with a streaming key and RTMPS URL needed for your live-streaming encoder (like OBS, Livestream Studio, vMix, etc.). Don't worry; you can test your stream before the event and "Go Live" when you are ready.

If uploading a pre-recording, we'll need an mp4 file with designated specs 72 hours before showtime.

There's also the option to give your audience a replay for a 48-hour window after the show ends, during which sales will continue to be available. The replay is clutch if a ticket-holder can't make the show but still wants to tune in or relive the magic again the next day. If adding a replay, two payouts will occur, one for the pre-sales and one for the replay sales. Yes, you can still sell tickets once the live show is over! Cha-ching!


Profile Notifications

Are you waiting to hear back to see if you matched with a space or artist? Or do you have some questions about your load-in time for your upcoming show? We've made significant improvements to our dashboard to alert you of your most important account notifications in an easy-to-navigate way. 

You'll now see a small counter next to the "Manage" tab alerting you of the number of notifications that need your attention. Once you click on "Manage," your dashboard is broken down by the following: "Discover," "Connections," and "Shows."

SD dashboard.jpg

We’re making it easier for you to keep things organized so you don’t miss out on anything important - resulting in killer show success.