Platform Update: New Website, who dis?

Our website got a significant facelift, and we can't wait to share it with you! 

We wanted to communicate the Side Door story, celebrate our various show options (online, interactive, broadcast, in-person, and hybrid) and showcase what our platform can offer artists, hosts, and ticket-holders. Being able to work collaboratively with other users to book all three types of shows is a feature that sets Side Door apart. We’re not just a ticketing platform; we’re a marketplace for live entertainment.

The home page now includes a marquee of shows, artists, and host profiles. Time and time again, people have told us you have to experience a Side Door show to truly understand how magical they are, so we’ve included highlight reels of past online and in-person performances, giving site visitors a real taste of what to expect on Side Door. A select group of featured shows anchors the home page, where users can discover upcoming shows. 

We have added pages for Artists, Hosts, and Presenters to break down our In-person, Online, Interactive, Broadcast, and Hybrid show models highlighting the benefits of each from planning to payouts. Also included is an overview of our powerful ticketing tools, our commitment to settlement transparency, and what support you can expect from us regarding show management. Still have questions? With one click you can book a consultation with a Side Door team member to help you get started whether you are interested in performing or hosting.

We're pumped to get back to in-person shows, and we’re committed to bringing live art to your community as safely as possible.

Clarifying Host Profiles

You’ll now find it easier to navigate and delineate between “Space” and “Presenter” profiles. Previously, our two types of Hosts were lumped together in the product. 

What’s the difference, you ask? “Spaces” are physical locations with an address and can host artists for in-person or online shows. “Presenters” do not have a physical location but can present online shows alone or in collaboration with artists.

Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 4.24.27 PM.png

Host Self-booking Tool

Spaces can now self-book shows. Previously on the platform, Spaces had to work in connection with an Artist profile to put a show together. We heard from several hosts who already had artists lined up and didn’t need to utilize Side Door’s matchmaking tools and have built this feature to give our hosts more autonomy!

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