Platform Update: Guestlist, Chat, and Follow Update

Guestlist Manager Bulk Comp Import

Introducing the Guestlist Manager Bulk Comp Import! Previously, adding a large number of comp tickets to the Guestlist Manager was tedious and time-consuming. Our new bulk comp import tool allows you to send comp tickets to multiple parties at once. 

For example, if you want to comp a large number of tickets for your patrons or contest winners, you can send them all a comp in one click. Whether you're managing a guest list of thousands or a few dozen, this new tool will streamline your show booking process.

How it works

In the Guestlist Manager, click on "Bulk Add Comps." You can upload a comma-separated value (CSV) file. The CSV needs to be formatted with an email on each row and only one column.

Bulk Comp -1@2x.png

If you're unsure how to format your CSV file, download our sample template.

Once uploaded, all of your comps will get an invite via email to your guest list. Invitees are then directed to create an account (if they don't already have one) or login into their Side Door account and claim their ticket.

Pro tip: make sure you have enough comps available for all the folks on your guest list import! You can manage the number of comps in the “Guestlist Manager.” 

If there are any issues during upload, you'll be alerted. Once complete, you'll see a green banner pop-up confirming the number of comps sent successfully.

Show Chat Expanded Admin Features

The Show Chat is a great way to increase your show's excitement, build community, and engage with your audience on the platform. It can start to pop off during showtime, which adds to the experience, but it can make it hard to see important chat messages from Admins (Side Door Support Staff) or Show Moderators (Show Creators). Our new features improve the visibility and prioritize those messages, so they don't get lost in the anticipation.

Chat messages from Admins or Moderators now have a pink badge. And Admins and Show Moderators can pin messages to the top. Let the audience know if the show is running a few minutes late, offer show experience tips or remind ticketholders of the merch deal you're offering.


Just click the "Pin message" checkbox to pin a message before sending!

Say you want to pin or a message from one of the ticketholders or a fellow admin, navigate and click the action menu to the right of the note you want to pin and click "Pin Message."

You can "unpin" a message by following the same steps as above and choose "Unpin Message." 

Added Payout Schedule Transparency

In the "Details," tab the payout schedule now displays the date you can expect your payout amount based on ticket sales to hit your bank account. Cha-ching!

Improved Profile Follow

We've enhanced the functionality and created more ways to follow Artist, Venue, and Presenter profiles on the platform. Profiles and show pages now display a "Follow" button whether or not you are logged into your Side Door account. 

If logged out and a user wants to "Follow" an Artist, they will be prompted to log in. If a Side Door account hasn't been created yet, a pop-up will prompt the user to create one.

Following profiles gives audience members the inside track about upcoming shows. If a performance is sold-out and a user "Follows" the profile, in-platform notifications will alert them via an email from the "Artist or Host via Side Door" to get tickets!  

follow cards@2x.jpg

More ways to "Follow" profiles:

  • Users can follow multiple profiles before creating an account. 

  • By hovering over an Avatar in more places throughout the platform, now gives you the option to "Follow" it. 

  • After completing a ticket purchase  

Upcoming Live Demo

Want to learn about these news features and how to navigate Side Door?

Join us for a Live Demo, April 13! 

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