Platform Update: SEO and Timezone Improvements

Our latest platform update includes a suite of features to help increase online exposure to shows and profiles, improved locale support, and localized time zone functionality!

SEO Enhancements

Side Door shows now have stronger visibility in Google searches. We’ve enhanced how our shows are indexed with Google, which means your fans will be better served with your show metadata in Google’s various services, and your upcoming show page can be located with confidence from a generic search of your artist name.

Payment Transfer Info Update

Who It's For: Artists & Hosts

We have now made it easier for you to update your payout information in-app.

You can rename different billing accounts so you can make sure that you’re applying the correct one to each artist or host profile.

Navigate to your account settings and click on “Manage Payment & Billing Info.” If you have multiple payout accounts, your payout info will appear in order of newest to oldest, so even if each payment method has the same name, you can still differentiate which one is which. 

Precise Time Zones

Who It's For: Everyone! (with a special nod to the audience)

We hear you loud and clear: what the heck is GMT+10, and why is it relevant to me? Since online shows became a thing, juggling time zones around the globe have been tricky. For a long time, we’ve shown you showtimes on the site in your local time and date, but we’ve made a big improvement to locale support

Time zones will now appear in the locally recognized nomenclature. For example, Melbourne, which was previously GMT+10, will now appear as “AEST”.

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