Platform Update: Touring & Connection Features

Building out a tour? Need to find some great spaces to play shows? Our latest platform update allows Artists to place radius pins (called “beacons”) in areas they plan to tour with date ranges of availability. This feature alerts Hosts in those areas like a low-key bat signal!

If a Host’s location is included within the radius of an Artist’s dropped pin, that Host will now receive an in-app and or email notification that the Artist is ready to rock in that general vicinity and for what date range. Hosts can connect directly with Artists from there and start the booking process! 

How it works

  • Go to the Schedule builder tab and click "Add a pin." 

  • Select your location and add the beacon radius between 10 to 250 km.

  • Set a date range. 

  • Artists can drop multiple pins and go back to edit or remove pins under "Manage schedule." 


Added enhancements in the Connect Tab 

We’ve made some big enhancements to the matchmaking element of Side Door, making it easier for Artists and Hosts to search each other, connect, and book shows. You’ll find that the “Discover” tab is now called “Connect.” 

Here’s what’s new

  • When an Artist adds an availability beacon, they will have priority listing on the Connect tab for Hosts within those areas. 

  • The Connect tab now includes additional Artist media on the profile cards and reviews and shows.

  • Searching for connections just got easier. You can now use a drop-down to sort by "Proximity," "Most Shows," "Recently Online," and "Newest Signups."

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 9.27.17 AM.png

For example, if you're a Host in Portland, OR, looking to connect with an Artist nearby for an upcoming show, searching by “Proximity” will first display all Artists who have placed a beacon near you, followed by Artists based near you.

Pro tip: Artist & Hosts, make sure your profile is filled out entirely that increases your chances of connecting!