Platform Update: QR Code Check-in & Online Show Fee Update

Starting January 11, 2022, we are changing our fee structure for Online Shows.

The new payment structure will eliminate the Online Show Support Fee and update the fee percentage, changing from 10% to 15% of net ticket revenue (after taxes and P.R.O. remittance, if/when applicable). The In-person show fee percentage will remain at 10%.

This is our first commission fee increase since we launched Side Door in 2017. Since then our platform has evolved from serving small in-person shows to a global marketplace with over 50,000 users. The platform now hosts a suite of hybrid booking features such as show management, robust settlements, connection and marketing tools with the added capability to ticket Online Interactive and Broadcast shows securely. All without having to leave your Side Door account. 

When we added the online show component to our platform in March of 2020, we quickly learned they carry a great deal of complexity. We adapted our product and customer service team to serve and support these larger audiences worldwide with varying technological systems and expertise. That's why we introduced the Online Show Support Fee (starting at $25 USD) to help mitigate those costs, as well as user and customer support. Based on user feedback these support fees are confusing, we're simplifying the commission structure for online shows to keep things simple and transparent.

What hasn't changed is our commitment to offering an exceptional user experience! We will continue to staff dedicated support humans on every show (both audience and artist-side) and make sure that your ticket holders find their way into your performance, regardless of their level of tech-savvy. Of course, we'll continue to offer A/V checks leading up to online shows and ongoing technical support.

We want you to know that we approach every change with an artist-first mindset, aiming to continue to support artists to earn a living doing what they love.

What if I already have a show booked?

You will not be charged the new commission rate if you currently have a show booked with us before January 11. If your show is pending sign-off but is not booked, it will not incorporate the new rate.

QR Code Check-in

There's nothing like the anticipation leading up to a show, but nobody wants to wait in line for what can feel like hours to see their favourite artist. Our latest platform update gives In-person show creators the ability to streamline the check-in process by scanning ticketholders QR code(s), getting audiences in the side door (see what we did there?!) as quickly as possible and helps you manage your guestlist from any device.

How it Works

Once you’ve published your In-person show, click “Guestlist Manager” from the “Overview” tab. Next, select “Open Ticket Scanner” and click “Allow” on the pop-up window to grant Side Door access to your device’s camera.

Side Door QR Code Check-in

You can now use your device’s camera to scan a guest’s unique QR code linked to their ticket:


After a successful scan of the QR code, a green message box will appear, letting you know that the guest has been checked-in. The Guestlist Manager on Side Door will be automatically updated and display whether or not the guest has any remaining tickets.

A few things to note:

  • You may have to advise ticketholders with QR codes on an electronic device to increase their brightness.

  • If you accidentally check-in a guest twice, a yellow message box will appear letting you know that guest has already been checked in.

  • A red box will appear if a guest presents a QR code unrelated to the show, letting you know it is not a Side Door QR code. 

Guests can access their QR code(s) in a few convenient spots. Upon purchasing a ticket, the QR code can be found at the bottom of the purchase confirmation and reminder emails. When on a mobile device, ticketholders can locate the QR code(s) under the “Tickets'' tab on the show page.


Thanks for choosing Side Door! We look forward to sharing all that we have in store this year and are always here to help. For any questions, please email