Platform Update: Auto-save & Change History

Remember pulling an all-nighter to write a paper? You finally get it done and accidentally hit escape instead of save. The worst! Our latest platform update automatically saves all your hard work when building a show. You no longer have to worry about losing information and can focus on your show’s important details and logistics. Still nervous? We understand, a green checkmark will briefly display, letting you know it’s been saved.

Change History

If there is one thing COVID-19 taught us, it’s that plans change. Sometimes they change so often we don’t even remember when or how it happened. Show creators can now see a history of edits made to the show. Whether a Side Door staff increases the quantity of tickets or you edit the show’s title show creators will be able to view which edits were made and by who. Simply click the blue title to display a full breakdown of the revisions. To make it easy, all edits made by Side Door staff have a pink background.