A Rather Boring Tech Update

Our excitement is at its peak with this riveting update.

Photo Credit: Catington Post

Photo Credit: Catington Post

Site-Wide Navigation

We couldn’t possibly be more excited to announce our new site-wide navigation, making it easier for you to browse shows, artists, and venues. Manage your matches, profile, shows, settlements and sales, and more all from the top-right menu.

Change Doors / Load Time


Hold on to your hat - you can now enter custom times for doors and load-in!

Shows on Sale As Soon As It’s Booked! 

Do you like sliding animations as much as we do? You’ll want to sit down as you read this one - no more minimum wait time for shows to go on sale once they’re booked. You can choose to put tickets on sale as soon as both the host and artist sign off on the show.

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Online Chat Indicators

Raise the roof for us making it slightly easier for hosts and artists to communicate with each other.

You can now see when a host or artist is online, with an indicator in chat. Don’t forget we added read receipts for messages in our last update - breathtaking!


Calendar Update

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 2.38.24 PM.png

We made a slight change to our calendar: the week now starts on Sunday instead of Monday.

You won’t know how you ever lived without this particular change.

We’re always working to improve the platform to better serve the needs of our amazing artists and hosts.

Have any feature requests? Questions? Concerns? Drop us a line on social media, or get in touch through our contact form.

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