The Notifications Update

We’ve been hard at work building new features to help speed up matching, negotiating, and booking shows!

Take a look at the new features on the platform this month:

In-app and Push Notifications

You can now receive both in-app and push notifications for new matches, messages, and changes to shows!

Please note that this feature is currently only supported for Chrome and Firefox running on Windows or Apple computers and Android mobile devices.

Other browsers and Apple iOS devices do not currently support notifications. (See support article)

In-app notifications


You can receive match, message, and show-change notifications while you’re browsing around the platform.

In-app notifications

Push notifications

You can also receive notifications when you are away from the platform (as long as you have not logged out).

Push notifications now available for Chrome and Firefox browsers on desktop and Android

Push notifications now available for Chrome and Firefox browsers on desktop and Android

Push notifications using Chrome (also available on Firefox) - click/tap image for full screen

Manage notifications

For push notifications to work, you will need to grant permissions through your browser. You can visit your notifications preference page (under account settings on Side Door) to adjust which notifications you receive. See our support page for more information.

Select ‘Allow’ to receive your Side Door notifications

Select ‘Allow’ to receive your Side Door notifications


By default, you’ll receive push notifications for

  • New matches

  • New messages

  • Changes to show details

To change which notifications you receive, select your preferences in Account Settings > Manage Notifications > Notify me by push

See the support article for more details

Changing your notification preferences (click/tap image for full screen)


Show Booking Changes

Based on your feedback, we’ve updated the show booking tool with a new look and flow.

Return to any step, anytime

Artists and venues can now:

  • View the details on all tabs at any point in the process

  • Unlock and make changes to previously-locked sections in the show-booking flow

Easily move backwards and forwards in the show-booking process

Easily move backwards and forwards in the show-booking process


See and approve changes by others

A red notification bubble in the show booking tool allows you to locate, review, and approve/adjust updates made by the other party.

EXAMPLE - The other party has changed the start-time for the show. It’s easy to review and approve the change! (click/tap image for full screen)

Review and manage booked shows

Booked shows will have a new ‘Review’ tab at the top of the screen.

Scroll through the ‘Review’ tab to see:

  • Show details

  • Ticket sales

  • Split breakdown

  • Guestlist and door sales link

  • Show settlements

Please see our support article for more detailed information.

The new ‘review’ tab contains important details for booked shows. (click/tap image for full screen)

We’re always working to improve the platform to better serve the needs of our amazing artists and hosts.

Have any feature requests? Questions? Concerns? Drop us a line on social media, or get in touch through our contact form.


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