The Profile Update

The Side Door Team is always working to bring our users a better platform. This week, we’re announcing a few new features that we think you’ll be excited about:


Beautiful New Profile Designs!

Artist and venue profiles have been updated with a beautiful new design!



Share Your Profile

Your profile is now shareable at the click of a button.

This means you can share your profile through email, Twitter, Facebook - anywhere you want, with anyone you please.



Match Directly From Profile Pages

Know exactly who you want to match with, but can’t find them in your matches? Share your profile and they can match with you directly!


Now hosts and artists can match directly through their Side Door profiles!

This means that when an artist shares their Side Door profile (on social media, for example), a host can request to match with them directly, and vice versa.



Soundcloud and Spotify Integration

Artists: Make it easy for your guests and hosts to listen to your work!

You can now easily integrate your Soundcloud and/or Spotify account with your Side Door profile - it’s as simple as entering a link.



Social Icons

Proudly display all your socials on your profile!



Enhanced Artist, Host, and Show Info Cards

Important details about your profile and show are now available at-a-glance!


Descriptive icons with extra details on mouse-over mean that it's easier than ever to see if an artist or venue is right for you.


Chat Enhancements

Need to send a promo-photo to the venue? You can now easily drag-and-drop attachments into the chat. You’ll get to see a preview of the image once it’s uploaded.



We’re always working to improve the platform to better serve the needs of our amazing artists and hosts.

Have any feature requests? Questions? Concerns? Drop us a line on social media, or get in touch through our contact page.



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