Securely ticketed streams with superior fidelity

Focus on production value and broadcast to unlimited ticketholders.

Stream live or pre-record your show for maximal audio & visual definition.

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Broadcast shows are perfect for artists or ensembles seeking the highest quality delivery of their performance. Streams are embedded securely on your show page alongside chat, tipping - all the bells & whistles.

Give your fans something spectacular in a format that allows easy integration with their televisions and stereos so they can sit back and get lost in it all.


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How Broadcast Shows Work



Pick a date and set up your ticketing

Set up ticketing, geo-gating & show details. Stream live or upload a pre-recorded performance. Create the show you want on your own terms.



Share your show page via social channels and newsletter, etc.

Give your fans a taste of what’s to come. Tell them what’s special about this show. Is it the location? The content?

Use affiliate links to track sales from multiple sources in real-time.



Multi-cam with an orchestra from a mountaintop, or minimalism with a webcam

Go live via secure RTMPS streaming key from your encoder (like OBS, Black Magic, etc) or provide us with an mp4 file ahead of time and we’ll schedule it for showtime. Have your team jump into the chat for added engagement.

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Get Paid & Celebrated

Automatic, secure payouts to your bank or Paypal account

Funds arrive within 72 hours of show completion. Collect reviews from your ticket-holders and gain followers. Every follower will automatically be notified the moment you book your next show!


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Powerful ticketing tools

Name-Your-Price ticketing

Set a minimum and let your fans pay what they can


Global transactions

Sell tickets in 14 currencies to anyone around the globe with customer-localized tax-rates.

Affiliate links

Track sales from different sources, like promoters, social channels, or newsletters



Control the regions from which tickets can be purchased. Tour online with exclusive shows for specific markets.


Run publicly ticketed or strictly private events.


Secure ticketing means ONLY ticketholders can access the show.


Transparent settlements

Automatic P.R.O. remittance

Side Door will automatically report and remit to Performance Rights Orgs, so shows with music are licensed and liability-free.

Follow the money

Track sales in real time and see exactly where every penny goes.

Automatic payouts

Get paid directly to your bank or Paypal account.


Show management

Guestlist management

Quickly & easily dole out single or bulk comp tickets and export ticketholder opt-in emails for your newsletter.

Profile teams

Grant profile admin access to your entire team for effortless collaboration and sales tracking.

Real support

Liaise with your designated Side Door team member leading up to the show.


Customer support

Designated customer support to make sure your fans get into the show safe and sound.

A/V checks

Need help dialling your rig? Book an A/V check with a team member.

Re-selling tools

Fans who “Follow” your profile get immediate email notifications the second you book a show.


 How does Side Door make money?

Side Door takes 15% of net settlement revenue (after taxes and P.R.O. remittance, if/when applicable) for online shows.

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What artists are saying

“My Side Door experience could not have been better. To be able to project an intimate performance right into people’s living rooms and dens is a beautiful addition to the live gig tool box. Thank you Side Door for bringing some warmth to a cold cold winter..”

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Jim Cuddy - View profile


“Thanks to the Side Door team, I’ve still been able to reach my followers, play shows and make some money. No sketchy fees or catches. It's time for musicians to drop the unsustainable, free stream trend. Luckily, Side Door built a way for us to do that.”

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Noble Son - View profile


“You are absolutely killing it and stepping up for artists right now in a truly phenomenal way. I KNOW there is a huge future for this company, and the humanity and professionalism you exude will make that growth easy. F**king well done. And thank you.”

Torquil Campbell of Stars - View profile

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