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Be it hybrid streams, pre-recorded content or powerfully intimate fan engagement experiences - you’ve got options.

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Grow your community with Side Door

Side Door is the world’s marketplace for live performance. What began as an in-person gathering marketplace has evolved into a powerful engine for online shows. Unlike the competitors, we give you the options to let you decide what kind of event you’d like to produce.

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Online Show Tools

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Secure ticketing portal for Zoom. No link-sharing. No Zoombombers. Sell up to 1000 tickets for “camera-ON” interaction. You don’t even need a Zoom account. VIP meet & greets, dance parties, clinics, interactive performances.

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Secure paywall for Broadcast (traditional live-streams). Pre-recorded or live. Chat, tipping, all the bells & whistles. Plus, our secure Interactive > Broadcast re-stream allows you to continue selling your sold out Zoom show to an overflow audience.

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Choose your own adventure - host a series or variety of shows and events

  • Work alone or split proceeds at point of sale with Artist profiles.

  • From-home shows or high production “hybrid” streams from venues.

  • Public or private events.

  • Ticket in 14 different currencies.

  • Single show or multi-day events.

  • Single artist or full line-up shows.

  • Any type of live performance (music, comedy, theatre, dance, etc), education or community gathering 

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Community Building Engine

  • Remarket to your audience and followers automatically.

  • Algorithmic recommender engine.

  • Guest list CSV export. Collect email opt-ins from your audience.

  • Bulk import comp tickets

  • Show page chat lets audiences get social the second they have their ticket with ticket buyers.

  • Collect reviews from audiences to help market future shows.


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Powerful ticketing tools

Name-Your-Price ticketing

Set a minimum and let your fans pay what they can

Global transactions

Sell tickets in 14 currencies to anyone around the globe with customer-localized tax-rates.

Affiliate links

Track sales from different sources, like promoters, social channels, or newsletters



Control the regions from which tickets can be purchased. Tour online with exclusive shows for specific markets.


Run publicly ticketed or strictly private events.


Secure ticketing means ONLY ticketholders can access the show.


Transparent settlements

Automatic P.R.O. remittance

Side Door will automatically report and remit to Performance Rights Orgs, so shows with music are licensed and liability-free.

Follow the money

Track sales in real time and see exactly where every penny goes.

Automatic payouts

Get paid directly to your bank or Paypal account.


Show management

Guestlist management

Quickly & easily dole out single or bulk comp tickets and export ticketholder opt-in emails for your newsletter.

Profile teams

Grant profile admin access to your entire team for effortless collaboration and sales tracking.

Real support

Liaise with your designated Side Door team member leading up to the show.


Customer support

Designated customer support to make sure your fans get into the show safe and sound.

A/V checks

Need help dialling your rig? Book an A/V check with a team member.

Re-selling tools

Fans who “Follow” your profile get immediate email notifications the second you book a show.


 How does Side Door make money?

Side Door takes 15% of net settlement revenue (after taxes and P.R.O. remittance, if/when applicable) for online shows.

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What presenters are saying


“Side Door has been instrumental in allowing MRG Live to quickly and easily pivot to online events during this uncertain time.”


MRG - View profile


“Side Door is a game changer. A brilliant concept that allows anybody the pride of having curated something special for their community.”


Juggernaut - View profile


“The bottom line is that Side Door is a burgeoning online community. It is a place of music and arts discovery including high profile artists with large audiences, musicians debuting their first records with small gatherings, all genres, all ages, and inclusivity.”

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The.Victoria.House - View profile

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