Online shows that are ticketed yield a better experience for the artists and audiences alike.

You can use Side Door for in-person and online shows.
Please check your local health & safety recommendations for in-person shows in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Perform a show online

Artists, you can connect with your audiences in a meaningful and sustainable way. We have found that interactive online shows can be both financially and existentially rewarding.

  • Our completely secure Zoom integration means you can see the audience and they can see each other. It’s not just a performance, it’s an impromptu community. No shareable links, no Zoombombers, no hassle. You can sell 1000 tickets and you don’t even need a Zoom account.

  • Our settlements were built for the industry. We pay out Performing Rights Orgs like ASCAP/BMI/SOCAN on your behalf. Work alone or split revenue right at the point of sale with online Presenters who can help you sell more tickets.

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A platform built by artists, for artists

We’ve rolled everything you’ll need into one easy to use package. Show planning, contract details, secure payouts, collaboration - it’s all in there. We also have an amazing team to support you and your audience when needed.

What artists are saying


“Thanks so much for all the support and great vision… What a great experience.”

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Vance Joy - View profile


“My Side Door experience could not have been better. To be able to project an intimate performance right into people’s living rooms and dens is a beautiful addition to the live gig tool box. Thank you Side Door for bringing some warmth to a cold cold winter.”

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Jim Cuddy - View profile


“Side Door was instrumental in achieving something that we thought would be impossible this year- transforming our annual Dream Serenade benefit concert into a virtual show while still honoring its spirit of community and feeling of celebration for attendees.”

Hayden (c-o Dream Serenade).png

Hayden (c/o Dream Serenade) - View profile


“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart… Thank you for making this a way for us to actually get by! I’m not scared anymore because of this. I was previously wondering how I was going to to make it work. Thank youuuuuuu!!!!”

Terra Lightfoot.jpg

Terra Lightfoot - View profile


“A rare and wonderful experience of community and connection… A way to reach people who you would never be able to reach through touring… inclusive, authentic and beautiful…”

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Sarah Slean - View profile

What audience members are saying

“You guys have done an amazing job adapting to this situation that affects us all. That stream was one of the first times I felt part of an audience, as everyone was visible, in their own spaces, enjoying the performance in their own way. It was amazing. Looking forward to more.”


“It was better than the free music available online right now, because it allowed me to feel like I was part of a music community, enjoying the show together. I really enjoyed the chance to hear other cheering, and seeing the other participants dancing and singing along. I also love that we can feel we are able to show our appreciation to the artist by buying a ticket rather than just seeing a show for free”


“I am starting to feel the need to meet each week, because its more than just listening to music. There is a feeling of belonging that these shows have created. Kinda like a club of positivity and a break from the Covid times!”

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Getting the most out of online shows

We’ve put together a guide to help you put on the best online shows possible.


Does the artist need to sign up for Side Door in order to play an online show?

Yes - in order to book a show, create a ticketing link, or get paid for a performance, an artist must have a profile on Side Door.

What livestream platform do you recommend?

Side Door is able to work with any streaming service that you prefer. With that being said, Zoom has been one of the more popular options. Zoom provides audience members the ability to see each other and communicate, while the performer(s) get to experience their fans enjoying their show.

If you have further questions related to streaming platforms, please contact us at support@sidedooraccess.com

Do you need a livestream platform account?

It depends on the livestream platform you’ll be performing on! We recommend always having an account in order to have ownership and control over your own preferences, but it is not a requirement.

For all performances booked without using Side Door’s built-in Zoom account, Users are responsible for creating and managing the livestream platform account that they choose to broadcast the performance with. For example, if an Artist chooses to use YouTube for their performance on Side Door, the Artist is responsible for creating and managing the YouTube account.

For all performances booked using Side Door’s built-in Zoom account, Users are able to access the show and perform without their own Zoom account. However, entering a Zoom show without an account means that important preferences impacting the quality of the show - such as sound and video settings - will not be readily editable.

Can I do multi-artist streams?

Best practices include:

  • have a host for the show to manage switching between screens and/or an emcee to introduce each artist (optional)
  • have a dress rehearsal with performers, host and emcee to review the format of the show and practice the tech
  • each artist follows best practices for their technical set-up to ensure quality broadcast

What is the capacity of online shows?

The capacity of an online show is determined by the capacity of your livestream broadcasting platform.

For instance, if you are streaming your show over YouTube, Side Door can sell unlimited tickets to that broadcast. If you choose Zoom for your performance, each Zoom subscription package is priced differently to reflect the number of participants allowed in each meeting/concert. The free version has a capacity of 100 participants per meeting with a maximum of 40 minutes per meeting, whereas opting to use a Side Door Zoom account for your performance will always mean your show has a 1000 participant capacity. With any version of Zoom, you will need to limit the number of tickets sold to match the number of people that can be accommodated in your Zoom meeting.

Planning your show in advance and knowing the restrictions of your broadcasting platform will ensure a smooth booking and ticketing process with Side Door.

What are the fees?

STRIPE - Side Door uses Stripe to process all payments. Stripe’s fee is 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for shows involving Canadian bank accounts only, + 60 cents per transaction for shows involving international bank accounts.

PROs - 2.99% of the gross ticket revenue is collected for mandatory live performance fees for every applicable show. Side Door collects live performance fees on behalf of and as administered by Performing Rights Organizations (SOCAN, ASCAP, etc).

TAX - Side Door charges applicable regional taxes and will remit to the user, according to whether they’re collecting taxes.

These fees are deducted from the net ticket revenue before the splits are paid out. All these fees are mandatory when applicable.

SIDE DOOR - Side Door’s standard fee is 10% of the remaining split.

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What kind of promo does Side Door provide? Can we feature artists/shows?

Ultimately, Side Door is not a promoter. Any public Side Door show will be published to our Shows Page, promoting your show to anyone on the Side Door platform. It is also suggested that you tag Side Door in any Social Media posts, so that we may repost to our channels. You may even add Side Door as a co-host on your Facebook Event Page so it lands on our event listings as well!

For more information on Show Promotion: How do I promote Online Shows