Shows. On your own terms.

See what makes Side Door the ultimate platform for booking and performing shows - either online or in-person.


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Book online shows

Work alone or find presenters to help promote, moderate and produce your online shows.


Book your own tours

Find alternative venue spaces all over the world. Living rooms, backyards, bookstores, warehouses, you name it…

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Our transparent ticketing ensures that you and the audience know where every dime goes.

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Automatic Payouts

Split revenue with presenters/venues right at the point of sale. Everyone gets paid automatically with seamless settlements. PROs paid. Taxes handled. Easy.

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Industry leading support

Our team of specialists is here to answer your questions before the show and on deck to handle customer support at show time.

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Impromptu Communities

Don’t just “entertain”. Whether online or in person, Side Door’s approach is always about fostering real human connection through the shared experience of art.


Side Door <> Zoom

Don’t just stream. Engage.

We’ve built a unique and secure ticketing portal for shows via Zoom, which means you can see the audience, and they can see each other. No shareable links, no Zoombombers, no hassle. You can sell 1000 tickets and you don’t even need a Zoom account. We’ll also be there with tech support and best practices to help set you up to win. These shows are incredible community builders. Impromptu dance parties, direct Q&A, fan engagement etc..

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Collaborate with others or do it on your own

For in person shows, Side Door makes any space a venue and connects you with hosts all over the world. For online shows, you can DIY or connect with presenters who act like virtual venues and help you ensure the show is a success. Side Door is not just a ticketing site, it’s a community marketplace.


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Build your community

Side Door helps you connect with Artists, Venues, Presenters and Service Providers (like sound techs, merch sellers, photographers, or online show co-hosts/moderators, etc)


Transparent ticketing and payment processing

Side Door was built on a philosophy of transparency. Track sales in real time, knowing where every dime will end up and when it will arrive.

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Everybody wins.

We only make money if you make money. Side Door can split revenue at the point of sale between you and your show partners, accounting for PROs, processing fees and taxes. Simple and transparent settlements keep everyone accountable and our 10% is taken from the net (not the gross), so fixed costs are shared.

See how we stack up against other platforms

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A great way for artists to make a living through the pandemic and beyond.

We’ve seen an explosion of activity since social distancing has come into effect. Online shows can be an intimidating mountain for artists to climb, and we consider ourselves to be the Sherpas who can help you get to the top.

We are here to guide you through the process, help you make a living and have a rewarding artistic experience in the process.

We believe firmly in a sustainable model for artists that doesn’t rely solely on donations. When you attach a value to something, people value it.

Online shows will never replace the real in-person experience, and so we’re focused on leaning into the silver linings and exploring the interactive human side of this new exciting medium.

Try it out! As you set up your shows and start selling tickets, our fees will be clear and transparent at all times.

We take a 10% service fee from the net revenue (after Performing Rights Organizations fees).

What artists are saying


“Thanks so much for all the support and great vision… What a great experience.”

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Vance Joy - View profile


“My Side Door experience could not have been better. To be able to project an intimate performance right into people’s living rooms and dens is a beautiful addition to the live gig tool box. Thank you Side Door for bringing some warmth to a cold cold winter.”

jim cuddy side door.jpg

Jim Cuddy - View profile


“Side Door has completely changed the way we approach touring - while we still target traditional venues in major markets, we no longer stress about filling off-days with oversized soft-seaters in small towns. Instead we go straight to Side Door where we can often make 3x the money for a fraction of the promotional effort.”

Said The Whale.png

Said The Whale - View profile


“You are absolutely killing it and stepping up for artists right now in a truly phenomenal way. I KNOW there is a huge future for this company, and the humanity and professionalism you exude will make that growth easy. fucking well done. and thank you.”

Torquil Campbell.jpg

Torquil Campbell - View profile


“I was completely unprepared for what a joyful experience that would be. Wow! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to almost 700 people who tuned in from all over the world for my show today. Dancing, playing along with me, laughing, holding up signs, chatting, sharing and being together. I would have never believed this could have felt so cool. Usually on stage, I stare into the darkness. But here, I see everyone up close, and a glimpse into THEIR lives. It was very moving.”

Danny Michel.jpg

Danny Michel - View profile