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How do I figure out capacity?
How do I figure out capacity?
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The capacity of your space indicates how many people you can have at your show, and therefore how many tickets you can sell. When creating a Show Call it is good practice to mention in the description the size of the venue you are looking for.

A good guideline to think about size and capacity is:

Intimate (Up to 20 people)

Small (Up to 40 people)

Medium (Up to 80 people)

Large (Up to 160 people)

Very Large (Over 160 people)

When determining that capacity it is important to take into account any complimentary ticket holders that will be joining. The capacity of the venue may vary depending on the type of show you would like to host.

Seated Show

If you want each of your attendees to have a place to sit, then capacity would be limited to how many seats you have available (please specify if some of the seats are on the floor in the show description). Decide whether you want to ask people to bring their own chairs/pillows.

Seated and Standing

For sitting and standing room, capacity would be the seats available, plus how many folks can comfortably stand in the remaining space. Consider sight lines to the performance space and allow space to enter and exit comfortably. Also don’t forget to experiment with moving furniture around or clearing it out completely.


Around 5-10 square feet per person is a recommended distribution for standing room, but of course every space will feel different and local fire code may specify a different number. The best way to determine your capacity would be to use an online calculator, but if you’re not sure we recommend starting on the low side for your first gathering, and adjusting from there!

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