Artist profiles must first connect with a Host profile in order to book an In-Person show in their space. Learn More About Connections Here.

Host profiles are not required to make a connection before booking an In-Person show in their space.

  • To initiate a booking thread and start setting up the details of your show, click on the Manage tab located along the top of the Side Door platform. From here, navigate to your Dashboard. This is where all of your Upcoming, Being Planned, and Completed shows will be displayed.

  • Next click the green Plan a New Show button near the top left of your Dashboard. This button is also located within your Shows tab and under individual chat threads in the Chat tab.

  • Be sure to select the In-Person Show option, rather than an Online Show, by clicking the green Start Planning an In-Person Show button.

  • If You’re an Artist

You will be required to select a Host profile from your list of connections before the booking process can begin. Once a Host profile has been selected, you will be able to click the Start Planning button.

If You’re a Host

You will have the option to select an Artist profile from your list of connections, or to complete a Self-Booked show without an Artist connection (this is for hosts who already have an Artist lined up outside of Side Door). Once you’re ready, simply click the green Start Planning button to initiate the booking process.

*For bookings initiated by another party, a message will be sent to your Chat tab, and the booking thread will already be present in your Shows tab.

  • To speak directly with the other user, use the chat box on the right-hand side of the screen. You can also send images in chat, and call for a Side Door staff member’s attention using the Support button at the top right of the page.

  • The tabs listed in the left-hand of the screen: Basics, Ticketing, Promo, Details, and Sign Off, each contain information related to logistical/promotional details. Everybody gets a chance to modify/approve details every step of the way, and a final sign-off at the end is what creates a fully booked and published show!

  • When you’re happy with the information and details in each tab, select Save & Continue to save your edits. If you’re a Host working on a show on your own, you’ll be able to move on. If you’re working on a show thread with another user, saving a tab’s details sends them to the other party for approval. You’ll be able to move on to other sections in the meantime, but cannot finalize the show without their approval of your inputs. If you’d like to make a change, click Edit to change what you’ve entered and send that information to the other user again. You can track the progress of each show’s requests, modifications, and approvals in the chat box to the right of the page!

  • A completed tab will be highlighted in green. When all tabs are green, a Sign Off option will become available and the show can be confirmed and booked! To see what your show will look like to ticket buyers, click the blue Preview Show button at the top right of the page. Take a moment to review all of the details, and when you’re happy with how everything looks, sign your signature in the box provided at the bottom of the screen and click Confirm Details & Sign. (Did you get an error message saying you need to set up billing? Click here to find out how!)

  • A sign off indicates final confirmation of a show’s details. Should adjustments be made after this step, that user’s signature will be voided and they will be required to approve the new changes before confirming via sign off once more.

  • When all details are approved and both parties have signed, the show is officially booked! Congrats! You’ll receive an email from Side Door confirming show details and explaining how the show announcement works. Your show’s tickets will automatically go on sale on the agreed-upon date, and if public, will be posted to the front page of Side Door. Private shows will create a ticket link and go on sale automatically as well, but will not post anywhere publicly accessible.

The Shows tab houses all of the shows you’re currently working on as individual Show Cards at the right of the screen. Click the blue Manage button in the bottom right of a Show Card to work on a pre-existing show thread between an Artist and Host, or hit the green Plan a Show button to start a new one!

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