The implication of low ticket sales changes on a show by show basis, and depends on what has been agreed to during show booking. 

Many Artists understand that Side Door Hosts are hobbyists, and more often than not a show with low sales goes ahead regardless of how many tickets are sold. In that case, the ticket split remains whatever was agreed upon in show booking. 

The decision to spontaneously cancel a show due to low sales is an option as well, so long as both sides agree and Side Door is notified with enough time to cancel sales and refund tickets. 

If earning a certain dollar amount is necessary in order to make a show work, Artists and/or Hosts can set a minimum ticket sale cut-off upon show booking. If X tickets don’t sell by Y date, as mutually agreed upon during show booking, the show will be cancelled.

Some artists may ask for a guarantee, where the host pays out the difference of the artist fee minus X sales. This option means the host is responsible for covering costs if sales are low, and is entirely up to the host to agree to. Please note - this financing option is currently only available on a per-show basis, pending approval from Side Door. If you are intending to agree to a guarantee with one of your shows, please contact Side Door directly to proceed. 

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