Welcome to the Side Door community! Artists working in all disciplines of live performance are welcome to sign up and create profiles - for free. Artists can book self-promoted online shows, and make connections with spaces/hosts/presenters to book shows and tours (online, in-person, or both).

Create a Side Door profile HERE

When creating a profile, Artists should include details such as artist name, bio/description of the project/performance type, promo images, links to media and social platforms. A description should be brief and informative. Having a complete profile will assist Hosts in getting to know you better and increase chances of booking with the right people.

Artists can also set their show preferences in the profile, including size of space you want to perform in, whether you need a PA for your performance, and whether you need a green room. Each of these preferences ensure you are matched with Hosts that best suit your needs! Preferences can be adjusted at any time.

There will be a section for entering private details such as contact information which will only be available to the Side Door team, not to the public.

Once you have completed your artist profile, you can share the custom URL on social media and your website, inviting Hosts to book you through Side Door.

Artist profiles are discoverable by fellow users and the public. If you want your Artist profile to remain private, please email support@sidedooraccess.com

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