1. To book shows you will need to make sure you have created an Artist or Host profile, and have logged into Side Door! (Haven’t done that before? Click here)

2. If you have created multiple Artist or Host profiles under one email, make sure you’ve selected the profile that you’d like to find shows for! You can swap between profiles by clicking on your account’s circular profile icon at the top right of the screen, and selecting the appropriate profile from the black sidebar that appears (See images below).

3. After logging in you will land on your profile’s Connect tab, found under Manage in the navigation menu at the top of your screen. Use the search screen to determine who you are interested in connecting with! (More detailed instructions on this can be accessed in the articles linked below)

How to search for an Artist

How to search for a Space/Presenter

4. Click on the dark blue Connect button beside an artist or host’s image to prompt a message window. Note, if you’re an Artist you will only be able to message Hosts and vice versa.

5. After you’ve messaged a user about their profile, they will be notified of the connection request. You don’t need to do anything else for now. If your bell-shaped notification icon at the top right of your screen is lit up, you may have potential connection requests waiting to be reviewed! (There are a few other places incoming requests show up, including the top left of your Connect tab and your main Dashboard page beside “Requests”)

6. Clicking on the notification icon opens your inbox, which displays any incoming connection requests. These are Artists/Spaces/Presenters that have liked your profile, but who you haven't reviewed quite yet. Click on the View All Potential Matches button to view them!

7. If you’re interested in the user that has requested to match with you, click on Accept to be connected with them. This opens up a chat thread in the Connections page, putting you in direct contact with the other user, and allowing you to begin the booking process (more info on that here). The other user will also be notified that you have responded positively!

8. Not feeling any of your match requests? No problem - click on the X button to remove the request from your screen - the other party isn’t notified, and cannot attempt to match with you again until a later time.

9. That's it! Keep an eye on your email to hear about any successful match requests, and keep an eye on your notifications to respond to any potential matches that didn't come up in the search page.

PS. Are you an Artist searching for Spaces to perform? Do you want to indicate to Spaces where you'll be and when, and get boosted in the search results accordingly? Click here to learn more about the Schedule Builder function!

*Schedule Builder is not yet available for Hosts

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