All published Side Door shows include an automatic customized ticket link to our secure platform. Guests can purchase tickets in advance directly from the show page on the Side Door website in order to gain access to that show. For all ticketed shows the Space/Venue address will be obscured on the show page, and only shared in an email confirmation once the ticket has been purchased.  

Tickets may be purchased in advance with a credit card, Visa Debit, and Apple/Google Pay. Guests will receive an email confirmation when purchasing a ticket.

Tickets are kept securely under the ticket holder's Side Door user account; We do not send tickets via email, only show reminders and confirmations.

You can get access to the show from My Tickets under the Home tab or by going to the Show Page.

Guest names will be on the guestlist at the door of the show. Refunds are only issued in the event of show detail change or cancellation.

The ticketing link can be shared directly with friends and family (for private shows) or shared widely (public shows) on any social media pages. ALL ticket sales, including tickets purchased at the door of a show, must go through this link in order to keep track of the revenue and manage the splits fairly. There is a ‘buy back’ feature in the door sales page so that if people are arriving with cash, Hosts can add the ticket purchase to the guestlist. (More information on door sales and buyback here)

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