Artist Profile Tips

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Examples of Great Profile Photos

Here are a few examples of artist photos that work well, and some that do not:

Some examples of great profile photos - interesting, clear, and eye catching!


Examples of Poor Profile Photos

Here are some examples of the kinds of photos that should be avoided:

Some examples of poor profile photos.

Some examples of poor profile photos.

Artist Info

Your description/bio section is not only a great place for hosts to read more about your show and style, it’s also what the ticket buyers will see in the show description on the Side Door Shows page.

A short bio describing your history and performance style will help audiences know what to expect from your show!

Be sure to include keywords to optimize searching on the host side. For instance, if you’re creating Acadian music, you would come up in a search for “Acadian”.

Embed Media Links in your Profile

Give folks a chance to discover your art and performance style by including streaming and live performance video links to your profile. A quality live performance video can make a host or presenter’s decision much quicker!

Make it easier for them to get to know you and your act within the platform by adding links to your work.

Planning a Tour - Multiple Show Calls


Once you have planned your tour route, create multiple Show Calls for the dates and cities of your tour. 

Sharing Your Show Calls

An effective way to recruit more spaces to host you is to share your Show Calls which link to your Side Door profile on social media, offering your fans to sign up to host you in their area.

Consider posting a video of yourself playing or discussing how your audience can host you in their space!