Responding to Show Calls

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Not only can hosts respond to your Show Calls - as an artist you can also respond to host Show Calls on the Side Door platform.

Responding to Show Calls

Responding to a Show Call is as simple as sending a message to the host who created it. By expressing your interest in that Show Call, the host will be notified and a conversation and/or show booking can start immediately. The Chat is the perfect place to discuss all the details of your potential show. Once you’ve started the booking process, pay close attention to the details that are entered before signing off. 

Alternatively, if you see another artist’s Show Call and you’d like to host them, it only takes a few clicks to create a host profile before messaging them.

No Commitment Needed

Keep in mind, even though you are suggesting a date, time, and other details, this does NOT mean that you’re committing to that show.

The commitment begins only when the show details are confirmed (and signed off) by both parties.