Promoting Your Show and Yourself

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Promotion is a Shared Endeavour

All public shows are listed on Side Door’s shows page and in our Facebook Events (if you have invited Side Door to be a co-host on Facebook). However, it’s important to remember that Side Door is not a show promoter - we facilitate the connection to create a show. Promotion is up to the host and the artist.

The Host’s Role

Generally, the host is the one on the ground and knows their community better than any of us, so they will spread the word in their area. Talk to them in the show chat about who will put the Facebook Event together.

The Artist’s Role

We encourage artists to post about their shows on all their social media platforms, mailing lists, etc., to catch fans that could be in the areas you’re playing Side Door shows. As most artists already have a Facebook Page, you will likely be the one creating the event. You can refer to our Facebook Event template below to ensure enough information is provided for guests to know what they can expect from your show.

Facebook Event Template - Side Door

Places to Share Your Show

There’s no shortage of places to post a show. Here are a few of the most common places that Side Door users post their shows:

  • Social Media - Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Tag Side Door in all social posts and use the hashtag #bookedwithsidedoor. We’re happy to re-share posts with our audience.

  • Classified sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, or whatever’s most popular in the area around the venue.

  • Bandsintown

  • Songkick

  • Your own website

Places to Promote Yourself

Side Door’s community is always growing; you can be a part of that!

It’s as simple as creating a post on social media or other places listed above. The message can read something like:

“Want to host me on my tour? Respond to my Show Call on”

By promoting your Side Door Show Calls, you can reach potential spaces that aren’t yet on the platform.

If any space wants to book you, they simply need to join and create a free host profile. This way, you can still benefit from our transparent contracts, ticketing, settlement tools, and payout systems!