The Day of the Show - Artist Perspective

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The day of the show will be busy, exciting, and hopefully a lot of fun! Here are a few things to be aware of to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible:

Finding The Venue

Be sure to discuss any particulars, in advance, about getting to the venue in the Show Chat. Some locations could be straight forward - some may require some help with directions. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a phone number, just in case you require some help on the road!

Your Preferences

If there’s anything you haven’t already discussed, or you have questions, it’s important that you give the host a call to finalize any last minute details.

Keep in mind - some of these hosts may be new to hosting, so feel free to offer them suggestions for how you like to be hosted. For example, do you prefer to be introduced at the start of each set, or would you rather just start playing?

Making sure that the host is aware of your preferences ahead of time will help make sure that the show goes as smoothly as possible.

Email Guests

If you have pertinent information to share on the day of the show, you may email all of your ticket holders at once through your Audience Manager. This can be useful to share urgent information such as weather updates, parking expectations, accessibility options, etc.

The Host’s Responsibility

It’s important to know what to expect from your host on the day of the show.

The host is responsible for things like:

  • Assist with stage set-up

  • Assist with sound check

  • Managing the door

  • Starting the show

  • Signalling the end of the show

These are all important parts of any show. While seasoned hosts might do all of these things without thinking about it, newer hosts could very easily forget.

Hosts are responsible for buying back any cash sales at the door, so please let us know if the settlement sheet doesn’t reflect the numbers in the space, so we can remind the host to take care of it!

Click here to see our show-day tips for hosts (and feel free to send a link to your host if they haven’t seen it already!)