Booking Tips

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Here are some tips on how to get started booking shows for your space on Side Door:

Connecting with Artists 

Connecting is a key part of Side Door. A ‘connection’ is made when an Artist responds to your Show Call, or you’ve responded to theirs, and a chat is created. 

Whether or not a show booking comes from a Show Call, creating a list of connections makes future bookings much easier down the road, as you can tap into those connections when a better time arises, without the need to create another Show Call. 

We recommend not only creating Show Calls as needed, but also checking Artists Seeking Hosts on the Connect page frequently.

Read more about connections here: What is Connect? What are Connections?

The Chat 

Once you’ve created a connection, a Chat will be created between you and the Artist. This is a great place to discuss all the potential of working together on a show.

Details about the time, location, tickets, capacity, and expectations of the show itself are all good things to cover in advance of confirming the booking. 

Show Cancellation

In the event of the need to cancel a show, the first thing to do is be sure that you’ve had a conversation with the artist. The best place to do that is the chat.

Here’s how: Show Cancellation

When you cancel your show, all ticketholders will be emailed and automatically refunded. 

If you have a Facebook event, be sure to notify guests of the cancellation and write it in the title too, so it’s all clear at first glance.