Host Profile Tips

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Hosts create venue profiles, which include a description and photos of the space. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your venue profile:

Space Description

The venue description is your opportunity to entice artists to match with you and to give potential guests a sense of what to expect of your space during a show.

A few things to keep in mind when writing your venue description:

  • What is your seating like?

    • Chairs? Pillows? Standing only? Bring your own seating?

  • What is the vibe of your space?

    • Listening room, party etc.

  • Is your space accessible?

    • It’s good to provide specifics here. Are there stairs? A ramp? An elevator? 

  • Are there pets in your space?

    • It's helpful to specify what kind(s) of pets there are so that guests can prepare based on potential allergies / fears etc.

Photos of Your Space:

You can add multiple photos to your profile, so get creative! A visual can go a long way to making your guests feel comfortable before ever setting foot in the door.

Make sure you include clear, interesting, eye-catching photos of:

  • Outside the venue

  • Inside the venue

    • Make sure you include photos of the ‘stage’ area and the area where guests will gather.


Examples of Great Profile Photos ✔️

Some examples of great profile photos - interesting, clear, informative, and eye catching!


Examples of Poor Profile Pictures ❌

Avoid messy, blurry photos and aim for a clear shot of the performance space.